Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Stock Market crash

          Wages has been in the world as long as the human race can remember and with those wages come unjust wages for many people. For example, in a study conducted by the US Census Bureau, it was found that African-Americans had the least amount of income per household with around 34,000 dollars while Asian families generally had almost double that amount at 67,000 dollars per family. Caucasians were also on this list at about 58,000 dollars which is still a lot more money than African-Americans. This discrepancy shows us the general picture of the wages for households as non-black people get more money than the black Americans. I believe that this is unfair to many people as jobs should be equal to the work you do, not to the race you are.

         There was another study which show the differences in wages between male and the female worker. The White House says that women make about seventy-eight percent of what their male counterparts make. Just like race discrimination, gender discrimination should not be a thing in the United States. Just look at the top companies and their CEO's, how many are female? You could probably think of about zero. Although there are women at high positions in top companies, there are not many CEO's you can think of that are female.

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